Mark Fletcher 2011 – Feel and influences

Here is a video of Mark talking about feel and influences – a great insight into his playing:

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  1. steve moore says:

    Hello Mr. Fletcher,
    I’ve just run across some of your videos and can’t tell you how much I love your playing. We’re the same age so I’m embarrassed that I am just now discovering you. There is one video that most impressed me and it is this one with Liane Carrol. You’re cookin’ for sure and I’m loving these cymbals. I can see the one on the left is an Istanbul of some model but wondering what the right side one is as well? They both sound great and compliment one another nicely.

    Thanks for your time. Do you ever come to the U.S.? I’d love to hear you in person.

    Steve Moore

  2. mfmusic says:

    Thanks Steve!

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